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P.M.R. Kft. pandémiás terv
PMR Kft. Kereskedelmi, ipari és szolgáltató Kft.


The P.M.R. Ltd. was founded in 1991 by private persons only. Since the formation the company's managing director is Gyula Katona, from June 2007 Balazs Mako. 
Our company's main activity is the gathering, transportation, processing, preparation for recycling of paper, plastic, and metal waste, formation of secondary material for the processing industry.

We carry out our waste management activities according to the Waste Management Act no. 43 of 2000 and in accordance with the modifying provisions of the waste management activities, in compliance with regulatory requirements and specific authority licenses. 
As a result, we can help our partners in fulfilling their obligations which are required by the waste management regulatory frameworks for business organizations, so the unlawful conduct is preventable and to take as a result waste fines, criminal law, infringement proceedings.

Our aim is to achieve increasing customer satisfaction by the maximal consideration of the customer and environmental requirements, and raising quality of products and services, so that we commit ourselves to the environmental protection and other legal requirements, pollution prevention, with continual improvement of our environmental performance.




Our company is developing dynamically. This is proved by the fact, that our turnover is doubled every year and we made more investments and improvements over years. For example purchase of machineries, fleet expansion and modernization, improve working conditions for workers, workforce, expansion, expansion of activity.

We've been advertising since years the school paper collection. The schools are encouraged that the best three schools are awarded. At the final event of the collection origami competition is held and the pest of that can win prizes. The paper collector schools will attend draw, where prizes are also up for grabs.

P.M.R. Ltd. General informations:

Company's full name: P.M.R. Commerce, Industry and Services Ltd.
Address: 4031 Debrecen, István u. 136.

Tax ID: 10599989-2-09

Company registration number: 09-09-001031

Fax: +36 (52) 594-401
Phone: +36 (52) 594-400
E-mail:  all@pmrkft.hu, pmrkft@pmrkft.hu
Signature of authorized representative: Makó Balázs, 06 (30) 663-7865

Statistical code: 10599989-3832-113-09
GLN Number: 5990071190005

Name of Bank Account: UniCredit Bank zRt.
Account number: 10918001-00000003-56690003
Foreign currency bank account: 10918001-00000003-56690010

Swift code: BACX HU HB

IBAN number: HU56 1091 8001 0000 0003 5669 0010
VPID: HU 0000649874
KÜJ Number: 100 488 883
KTJ Number: 101 204 184
Official license: Non-hazardous waste gathering and waste treatment permission: 3315/5/2011