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P.M.R. Kft. pandémiás terv
PMR Kft. Kereskedelmi, ipari és szolgáltató Kft.


Our company's main activity is the gathering, transportation, processing, preparation for recycling of paper, plastic, and metal waste, formation of secondary material for the processing industry.


Gathering of paper and plastic based packaging waste; disposal, treatment and sale:

We carry out our services considered to prior needs of our Partners, to the quantity and quality of the generated waste and logistical aspects within the frame of Cooperation Agreement. In order to the separated waste collection we ensure plastic bags, storage containers and receptacles. In the interests of the optimal performance we mutually reconcile the transportation and other conditions.
We give an acceptance statement after the gathered waste, with which our Partners can in all cases demonstrate to the authorities that they complied with regulatory requirements and obligations.




Printing and other paper’s manufacturing of and trading:

Sales of printing paper:
- Offset

- Art-paper

- Etiquette and other papers

- Writing and printing office papers

- Tissue and household papers

- Sale of food packaging papers (coma, hot-box etc) sale

Manufacturing of paper products:
- Writing papers

- Copying

- Blocks



Destruction of secret and confidential documents:

Titkos és bizalmas iratok megsemmisítéseIn addition to treating waste paper, we carry out the destruction of documents which contain confidential information and are under protection.

We close the bags containing documents for destruction and draw up minute by number and we transport them from the customer's depot with an enclosed truck to the destruction plant, where they are cut on 3 mm strips with high capacity paper shedders within a closed system.

The destructed documentary is recycled by the processing industry after the baling.